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Poetry: “Allergies”

You could say I wrote this, a rare rhyming poem, for my brothers, who are both more or less miserable this time of year. (And they have told me how they love September, when all the pollen and stuff is gone.)



As winter drops her icy clutch
Of all land and fields and such
That is when it all begins
People pay for modern sins

Runny nose and itchy eyes
From the stuff up in the skies
Pollen spewing from the trees
Brings us down unto our knees

Every day it is the same
Weakens you, and makes you lame
Shake your hand at days of sun
For your that is not much fun

Cherish then when rain falls down
Clears up the air all over town
And most of all you count the days
How much longer this will stay

True relief, it comes with fall
No more pollen, seeds and all
Only then can you breathe free
Unless you’ve other allergies



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