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Poetry: “Loyalties”

Another poem inspired by a recent movie I saw. I am going to leave the title out of it this time, see if you can guess it.



Bonds forged back in childhood
Hardship made them stronger still
The one thing left to cling to
When all the rest was gone

Sharing rooms and sharing thoughts
A trust that needs no words
There was just odd reminders
“With you ’til the end of the line”

Forces larger than they were
Things were changed, yet still the same
Together they were unstoppable
Until hands could not hold on

After time in frozen sleep
The loss was felt more keen
Until one fated afternoon
When he saw that face again

Reaching out for some hint
That treasured bond still there
When all seemed like it was lost
Metal arm had saved his life

Despite all things and how it seemed
He tried and searched and found
And slowly, ever slowly
Memories came flooding back

Standing side by side again
Oh, it felt so very right
That made it that much harder
When they said farewell again



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