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Poetry: “Love letter to a country”

Still not over my trip to Japan last year.



Love letter to a country

I am in love with Japan
The beat of the Tokyo crowds
The serenity of the mountains of Hakone
The constant whirring of cicadas in the summer
And the scent of incense at a temple

I loved the offerings of the cities
How there was much for every taste
Akihabara that mecka for nerds
Huge department stores with all things good
Stores that had just office supplies
Fine paints and lovely inks
Bring home some unique items
Made of bamboo or lacquered wood

I loved to see the landscape shifting slowly
As I left Tokyo far behind
Its suburbs clinging for some time
Until nature dominated my views
Rice paddies and tea fields, greenery to behold
Then with a gasp I saw them grow
The mountains rising up

I loved that preserved history
All of the historical sights
The multitude of temples at Kyoto
Eventually they bled together
The sprawling gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine
As the sun beat on my back
The calm at the Tenryu-ji temple at Arashiyama
While I let my mind unwind

I love how everything was unique
How all I saw was new
And most of all what I still feel
Is that there’s more to discover and behold



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