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Poetry: “First snow, last snow”

We have had the last snow as late as the end of April, so this still feels relevant.


First snow, last snow

First one is a precious gift
Covering what the fall has wrought
Dead and barren all around us
With a pretty shroud of white

Sun then brings some extra beauty
Breath that comes in puffs of mist
Though this first might not be lasting
It is a sign of things to come

With the weeks that stretch eternal
We all bore of all that white
So rejoicing do we welcome
When the sun sweeps all away

Thus it is when spring’s arrival
Is then halted in its tracks
Darling buds all frozen solid
Powdered white on early greens

Moaning at that final snowfall
Like a guest that just won’t leave
Winter’s over, go away now
So we beg it to melt fast



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