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Poetry: “Pointless debate”

Inspired by… Many political debates I have seen. And captures my mood when feel the most pessimistic about politicians in general.


Pointless debate

Round and round we go
Spin in circles with their words
Speaking not to but against
Batter words against a wall

Each one he knows better
No one wants to give an inch
They stand up on their pulpits
Waving hands and wagging tongues

The people they must listen
Must see through the creeping mist
That spews out when they banter
When they wage war with their words

To find the truth that doth exist
Is trial to most men
The rest must do what’er they can
And hope they chose right in the end



One thought on “Poetry: “Pointless debate”

  1. So true! I feel you have the depicted those pointless debates very well with this poem and the phrases, “Waving hands and wagging tongues”, “That spews out when they banter ” are very strong and brings out a real picture of the emotions that follow.
    The end adds a great punch to the poem and shows your skills at the best! Well-written!

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