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Poetry: “On loyalty”

A bit of musing on this topic.


On loyalty

To be trusting like a dog
Not quite a saying
But a thing sometimes used
To define the word
To stand by your side
Never leaving
Never flinching
Never abandoning your post
Showing teeth in your defense
Yet this is blind loyalty
Never judging you
Always supporting your actions
Sometimes not a good thing
Dogs can be exploited
Their loving loyalty tested
Turned into a weapon
A true loyalty is one where you remain
But hold fast to yourself
Your opinions
Your ability to judge
To tell wisdom from fallacy
Have the bravery to speak up
To question
Never following if the cause is unjust
A true loyal companion
Should be treated like a treasure
A gift
As proof of your own worth
And know then
That as your companion stays true
So do you show loyalty to them
A strong bond
That lasts through thick and thin
Until the end of days


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