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Poetry: “Fleeting memories”

More musing on memories and past events.


Fleeting memories

Diving deep into my mind
Like bubbles they arise
The memories of long ago
They tug me right inside

Standing on some hotel stairs
Regret comes pouring fourth
Youthful errors put to right
With arms that can forgive

Wandering through the bitter cold
The new year barely born
Laughing with our drunkenness
We make angels in the snow

The landscape stretching out for miles
All soy fields in the dark
The fast food restaurant glows warm
A pit stop on this trip

A huge 19th century cathedral
It looms before my gaze
I sit to rest my weary feet
In its shade I get work done

Notebooks lined up prettily
Their scent mingling with ink
The writers haven is this place
We wander it entranced

The summer air is very warm
There’s barely any breeze
Yet through the red gates we must go
We climb stairs on and on

The bubbles pop, the memories gone
I face reality
Those moments where I felt so much
Just fleeting memories


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