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Poetry: “Berlin”

A city I have had the pleasure of visiting twice and will be revisiting again this spring, so in anticipation of that I wrote this.



Stirring from your hotel bed
The river Spree glittering outside your window
Strolling outside in the sun
A full breakfast inside you

Following Friedrichstrasse
All the way to Checkpoint Charlie
Observe the history of this old city
Pass you by, with the surge of the milling crowd

Take the U-Bahn
All the way to Tierpark Berlin
This large zoological park
What a pleasant way to spend the day

Explore the sights around the Brandenburg gate
Watch the cars drive on past
Follow them until you hit the heart
Of the sprawling Tiergarten park

Make a stop for currywurst
Do some shopping at KaDeWe
Then walk on to Museum Island
Feed the culture nerd in you

End it all by strolling
Along the path where the wall once stood
This oppressive feature, where it stands
Is now filled with gorgeous art



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