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Poetry: “Dreaming of spring”

The end of February is always the worst, I find… Winter growing old, but spring not quite there yet.


Dreaming of spring

Begone you frigid northern winds
Your slippery sheets of ice
The snow that melts into a sludge
I tire of that muck

No more of these icy needles
That prick against my skin
The wet and cold that sinks in deep
It sinks into my soul

Oh, let this somber atmosphere
Be brought soon to a halt
Replace this world of greyish hues
With fragrant bits of green

Oh let this life that’s put on hold
Be wakened all around
Let sunlight’s warmth rekindle all
That cold has tucked away

Bring it all, the birds of spring
The leaves on every tree
The meadows all alive with blooms
Let my dream of spring come true



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