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Poetry: “Star Wars”

The Force Awakens has been out for over a week as this goes up, but I have not had the time to see it before today. (No spoilers!)


Star Wars

When I was just a little girl
I dearly loved to read
And fall into such stories
Of very far away

Those movies were a constant
That I watched when they were on
I cheered for Luke and Leia
And I gasped when Han was trapped

Wookies, ewoks and the droids
They were like cherished friends
And when Darth Vader’s maske came off
I had to turn away

So filled with fondest memories
When the prequels were announced
I did grew quite excited
And counted down the days

Oh, I was disappointed
That old magic wasn’t there
It only came in glimpses
As Anakin fell from grace

So now I feel quite wary
About this new trilogy
But God of Stories willing
My inner child will gasp and cheer


2 thoughts on “Poetry: “Star Wars”

  1. yayyy Star Wars poetry!!! I too LOVED Star Wars when I was little and was disappointed in the newer ones! I liked the Force Awakens- I really liked it a lot up until the battle part (I won’t give anything away since you haven’t seen it yet)- but it was much better than the last few, but not as good as the earlier ones to me! Loved your poem!!


    • Thanks. 🙂
      I did get to see it the other day so I know what you mean. It really was ten times better than the latest trilogy for sure, my one problem might have been that it stuck close to some of the same story beats at the original, which made certain scenes pretty… predictable.


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