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Poetry: “Santa Claus”

Well, it’s Christmas Eve and that requires some appropriate poetry!

Today I celebrate the holidays with my family, so I wish you all a Merry Christmas!


Santa Claus

Who is this jolly rotund man
Come to us on Christmas Eve
Riding on a flying sleigh
Pulled by reindeers in a row

Where did all this stuff begin
Telling kids to be so good
Lest they get no visit from
The red clad man from the North Pole

In the North we had such men
Bearded with a ruddy nose
They were small though, and quite mean
If you wronged them they wrecked your stuff

How did they morph to that man
A friendly grandpa to all kids
Leaving gifts under the tree
A legend and a wanted sight

He shows his face in shopping malls
In the north he makes house calls
All to propagate this myth
Of holly jolly old Saint Nick



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