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Poetry: “Rules & Constructs”

A rather hard poem to put together, but I am reasonably happy with it as it turned out.

Might revisit the topic at a later date.


Rules & Constructs

To be a human isn’t easy
Even more-so in a modern town
So many rules to follow
Even ones not written down

Unspoken words
Unspoken rules
Are the fabric of our world
On how to be and how to act
If you want to fit in right

It can be hard to tell sometimes
If you’ve made a mistake
Broken rule
Repercussions take their time

You need to read your audience
What they expect out of you
How to be
How to act
How to be like all the rest

And how to tell which rules to skip
Which are not such big a deal
And which are vital
To yourself
And to your future life

I wish there was a rule book
Which would tell you all of this
And most importantly
I must add
Why we had to make them up


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