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Poetry: “Online”

Long and rambling commentary on a subject that touches all of us in the western world.



In everyone’s hands
Cradled gently
Like a lover
Screens flashing before their eyes
Life lived in concert
With all those
Who also check in
Tune in
Share their lives
Every picture
Every moment
Umbilical chord
Streaming music
Into their ears
Latest playlist
Fully endorsed
By their favorite podcast
Bloggers fightng for our favor
Our hits
Our time
To be noticed in the din
Of millions of others
Writing online
Journalism reduced to
“You have no idea what happens when…”
Because life is so fleeting
Every step
That we all take
Every distance walked
Must be filled with
Things to make us belong
To a whole
Through that darling device
Cradled in our hands
Latest model
All the bells and whistles
Pay as you go
Pay as you play
Pay what you want
Pay your life
One moment at a time
Always spent



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