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Poetry: “I remember”

Some recollections, an attempt to make them artful.



I remember
A fall evening, with stars in the sky
Shivering at a train station, ushered into a warm car
Sister of a classmate at the wheel, smiling at us saying
“Listen to this, this is a great new CD I just got”.
Dance music stream from the car speakers, reverberate into the night as we drive away

I remember
A summer day, with wispy clouds up in the sky
Flat on my belly on the wooden dock, clutching a net in one hand
Peering down at the stickleback clustered among the rocks
Dipping down my net into the water, I chance upon a strange, long shape
A wriggling broadnosed pipefish is pulled up, gently cradled in my hands

I remember
A winter day, just after Christmas
The fields are impossibly white, snow freshly fallen
On my feet are brand new, though used, skis, clumsily attached to my boots
As the warming sun slowly melts the meager snow cover, I bravely soldier on
Racing my Christmas skis across the field.

I remember
A spring not so long ago
After many long cold weeks, finally some warm sunshine
I stroll down the street, past copses of trees, filled with birdsong
Finding a clearing, bringing back memories of Ronia the Robber’s Daughter
Filled with a multitude of white wood anemones
Within I let out my own spring scream



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