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Poetry: “Capitalism”

More social commentary poetry.



Money is its only language, money’s all it understands
Making sure the wheels keep turning, turning churning profit wise
Keep on running keep it moving, keep the money coming in
Everything can get a price tag, values they can fluctuate
If you cannot keep up with it, keep up with the wheels that grind
Then you might be deemed a lazy bum, a worthless parasite
Keep on sucking on the teat of government you lazy thing
Get a job you lazy bum just get some minimum wage thing now
Get a job get one more if you cannot pay the bills alone
Why demand so much you silly young thing why when I was young
Get a real job is what they want, one that lines their pockets fat
If you are not getting on well, then you’re not trying hard enough
Just be glad you have a work that, work place that you can go to
Have some coffee with your colleagues isn’t that spectacular
Get a job just cleaning toilets, wiping bums and wiping pus
If it doesn’t pay a whole lot, why at least you’re paid something
Try and save then for your old age, though you must work till you’re old
If your body keeps on failing, try to get another job
Don’t retire much too early, or your pension will be crap
Never mind that all the rich folks can retire when they please
As the poor drop dead at their jobs, rich men spend days playing golf
Or they move to some tropical island, they have earned it have they not?


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