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Poetry: “On learning”

A favorite subject of mine.


On learning

Is a lifelong process
Never ending
Lest we stagnate
Into lesser beings
Content with
Being force fed what we know
What we already know
Reassurances that we have all the answers
No need for education
Changing our opinions
Sticking to our guns
No need for new perspectives
New viewpoints
Leaned back in comfort
Never challenging anything
Never being challenged

Open up your eyes instead
Open up a book
A magazine
An educational pamphlet
A flier from a non-profit organization
Tune in to a podcast
A public radio station
Talk show program with men in lab coats
And elderly people with dusty suits and ties
Bent over by the weight of knowledge
Resting on their shoulders
Sucking on the marrow
Of education
Since before your birth
A lifetime spent in the service
Of spreading knowledge
And how to get it

Learning new things
Widens your mind
Your world
And can also be
A lot of fun



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