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Poetry: “Mars”

With Mars back in the news, how could I resist this?



The red planet
Our closest neighbor
Discounting the moon
Named for some great god of war
Back in antiquity
Oh, how it has fueled us
Filled our heads with dreams
Flights of fancy about mars men
Creatures much like us
Or in some cases vicious things
That fall on us to kill
Yet though some writers bolstered fear
Of invading men from mars
The truth is that its earthy plains
Seem barren and so cold
Though rover left his tread marks
On wondrous plains of red
He was the only thing that moved
On our neighbors soil
Yet as we have been told that life
Can come in different forms
Now comes the thought again that Mars
Might yet have harbored life
For water can be found up there
Not just locked up in ice
Yes even as it does on earth
When spring comes, water flows
So sign me up then, for a trip
A vacation off to Mars
And let me probe those spring time flows
For some Martian microbes



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