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Poetry: “Dark history”

Listening to history podcasts is fun and educational, but also reveals the grimier parts of our shared history.


Dark history

The past that all of us doth share
Where ancestors have lived
It has its share of darkness
Not all of it is known

How white man took such liberties
Wherever he did roam
All of the land that he espied
He claimed it for himself

And if there were some people there
Already living well
He either made them go away
Or he turned them into slaves

If perchance they might have their use
They were made oddities
Shipped to live in cases
In a famous museum

Our shared past, it is bloody
From the wars and genocides
Where your faith became the reason
Well, it’s still that way today

Today we’re much more civilized
At least that’s what we think
Some progress has been made, of course
But there’s still room to improve



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