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Poetry: “Japan”

A final, long poem that is a sort of travel review? A little long, a little rambling, but packing in all the feelings I have after my trip inside it.



A trip of many sights and sounds
To land smack down in Tokyo town
Is to be jolted to your core
With all the shining lights and crowds

A heat that slaps you in the face
Thank gods for vending machine drinks
Get a Suica card and go
Into the very thick of it

All the stores have been squeezed in
Into each Tokyo neighborhood
To flee it go and find a park
Though even there you can find crowds

Ueno with its many sights ยจ
Museums and the Ueno zoo
Stroll down long paved avenues
Get lost in maze like greenery

Akihabara electric town
Where every geek might want to go
To be jetlagged there is a pain
Overloaded is the word

Shibuya crossing, Hachiko
Go search for Karaoke kan
Go have lunch at he sushi place
With order touch screens, conveyor belts

Buddhist temples, Shinto too
Go in and find Meji-jingu
Ginza with it’ fancy stores
I only came to buy some pens

Tokyo tower looming up
The overload is to an end
Hop on a train to find some peace
In the mountains of Hakone

Onsen and Japanese rooms
Perch on nice tatami mats
Silence but for babbling brooks
The herons fishing from the stream

Crater lakes and mountains tall
Fuji-san wears a shroud of fog
A walk under the cedar trees
Follow old Tokaido road

Visit history, travel back
To when the Daimyo came to stay
Have some soba, have a rest
Ice cream served with mochi balls

Clad in cotton yukata
Go warm yourself in onsen springs
Have a fancy set up meal
Chopstick skills they slowly grow

Off to find the Shinkansen
Watch them speedily swoop by
Long trip once, now not quite so
Step of in historical Kyoto

Temples and shrines everywhere
Eventually your eyes grow bored
The history plaques are everywhere
A castle outside your hotel room

Air filled with cicada noise
Lanterns lit for Tanabata
Yukata shoes go clack clack clack
Have street food from the vendor there

Bus to Nara past rice fields
Even tea bushes are seen
Rolling into one new town
With its own magic history

Giant Buddha makes you gasp
But outside it’s the deer’s that rule
Buy some food for them to eat
Oh they mob you, just you know

Stone lanterns and Shinto shrine
Short stop at a souvenir shop
Travel back and get some rest
Tasty curry for dinner

Tram to nearby mountain town
Go see bamboo growing tall
Zen temples and monkey park
Boating down the river calm

Red torii that wind around
Up the tall mountain right there
Pass them all and win the prize
To have some great endurance skills

Marvel at each crafts filled store
Fill your bag with souvenirs
Buy yukata from that place
Been weaving things for centuries

Finally it’s time to go
Two long weeks are all used up
Sometimes mad, but always grand
You already want to come back



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