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Poetry: “Sage advice”

The beginning of this was inspired by certain bits of the work of G.R.R Martin. At least that phrase at the beginning, for sure! Also, the time I realized how old I am and how to best share what I have learned with those much younger than me.


Sage advice

Listen to me, dear summer child

From one who’s lived a while

This life’s too short to waste on

Those who don’t treat you right

Love is fleeting but can last

If you keep a level head

Don’t go rushing into things

That you cannot escape from

Find the things that you most like

Find the dreams you can obtain

Then do your best to reach for them

Though you might fight tooth and nail

A flashy surface might be nice

But is that who you’re inside?

The internet’s a murky place

So be careful what you share

Do have fun while you’re still young

But remember adulthood

One day you must leave the nest

And a way to pay your bills

If life is hard and men are mean

Then remember, it won’t last

Be strong and find companions that

Can help you walk away

Oh, listen close, dear summer child

This life is all you’ve got

Don’t waste it on the petty things

And be true to who you are



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