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Poetry: “Monarchy”

A little thing, musing on the subject.



Once back in our darker years

A king would rule us all

He’d lord over us on his throne

And judge us beneath him

We wages his wars and took his spoils

The people they would starve

And when some plague would appear

He’d run off with his court

Centuries passed and all those kings

Their power did decline

As all the people rose on up

To get a more fair share

Now monarchs in some places

Just live in story books

But in the places where they live

They don’t get to do much

Our monarchs are our puppets now

They dance on our strings

We pay them from our taxes

To maintain their vast estates

Perhaps some royal might dream back

To when he had some say

Not just a ceremonial thing

But really uphold laws

Though we the people we don’t sigh

We like our puppet kings

How fun to watch them go about

Cutting ribbons and shake hands



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