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Poetry: “Summer’s delights”

It feels appropriate to put this up here, on midsummer, a highlight of any Swedish summer.


Summer’s delights

A nice spot by the southern wall

Squinting at the sun

Coffee cup right by your side

And melting chocolate cake

A soothing dip so cool and fresh

In the closest lake

Let the sun dry off your skin

Before you bike back home

An ice cream melting on your hands

Vanilla on your tongue

Strolling down a city street

With nowhere else to be

The sun is setting oh so slow

But below there is still cheer

The smell of barbecue wafts up

And joins the sudsy clouds

A wooden dock that’s jutting out

Far off into the sea

A fishing rod that’s bobbing there

In gently rolling waves

A bright blue sky there up ahead

With only wisps of cloud

And there you are flat on your back

Let grass tickle your feet

A field of cheerful people

On a bright midsummer’s day

To celebrate the longest day

And summer’s warm embrace




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