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Poetry: “Year of leaves”

When I was a kid we watched some children’s programming about leaves on a tree and one of the leaves had the same name and me and I got teased about it and…anyway, children’s programming before everyone had cable was weird and this is a semi-weird poem maybe.



Year of leaves


In spring time branches once quite bare

They burst into new life

Thickened buds that swell up thick

And unfurl into leaves


The baby leaves at first quite frail

A weak translucent green

They soon grow bigger with each day

Become their proper hue


In summer time the leaves all sway

With every gentle breeze

And when the sun beats down too harsh

They provide blissful shade


Then as the sunlight slowly fades

As seasons turn once more

Those darling leaves they change once more

Their green slowly bleeds out


In every forest and each grove

The leaves blaze oh so bright

The reds and oranges and gold

Such is their final show


Then when the storms barrel right in

The leaves they say goodbye

In droves they drop down to the ground

Collecting into piles


The snow falls down on top of them

On top of all those piles

That’s already begun to change

And become dirt once more


When winter’s harshness bids farewell

And all snow melts away

That new made dirt provides the fuel

For trees to grow anew


And then when it gets warm enough

Why on most every branch

The buds they swell and grow quite fat

As the circle starts again



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