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Poetry: “The Raven”

First daffodils and now the raven…Well, if you are to steal from other poets, steal from the best. 😉

PS. This is not at all like the famous Raven poem.


The Raven


Charcoal feathers

Boding ill

Visitor of battle fields

Picking through our fallen dead

With a call that chills the blood

Bird of myth

Bird of gods

Hailing back to ancient times

To see him

Why it’s a treat

And sometimes a fearful sight

Haunting poets

With his call

Much too clever

Is this bird

Snapping beak

To rend and tear

But so gentle

With its young

He’ll remain

This great black bird

Through many many sunsets yet

Hear his call

And know for sure

That Raven is a godly bird



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