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Poetry: “The economy”

So hey, yeah, there is such a thing as ecological economy. Hint: It’s the sort of system we need to switch to soon, to ensure a future for everyone on this planet.


The economy


We must grow the economy

Says the men in silken suits

The money must keep rolling in

To make sure we don’t stagnate


They care not for our planet

Who’s in limited supply

Soon enough she’ll turn on us

And spew out rotten guts


All the growth that happens

Seems to benefit some few

Who tell those who are lacking

To keep growing more for them


The economic system

That we’ve had for quite sometime

It is like this big fat bloated pig

And soon enough he will explode


How will the rest of us all fare

When the bubbles have all burst?

Better then to change our ways

To a financial steady state



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