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Poetry: “Life choices”

A little long, a little rambling, but with a good message baked into it.


Life choices


Having warm Dr Pepper at 8 am, before breakfast on an empty stomach, drinking alcohol to chase away a hang-over, not drinking enough water,

Walking outside barefoot in the freezing rain,

Burying your face in a cat’s soft fur even though you have allergies,

Dozing off in the sun when you know you forgot to put on sunblock,

Pressing the snooze button when you need to get up for work,

Forgetting to call your old and frail grandmother on her birthday,

Forgetting your beloved’s birthday, anniversary, forgetting she would come home late and tired and not having dinner prepared for her,

Forgetting to do laundry

Putting on those new shoes for a night of dancing, not preparing for horrible blisters that will inevitable happen at some point,

Not having cold medication home, when you feel yourself coming down with the sniffles,

Not preparing for speeches, meetings, events,

Not taking chances, taking too many chances, not planning, planning too much,

Forgetting you have just one life to live and burying yourself in your neuroses, your hang ups, your childhood scars, your upsets and disappointments, letting them define you too much

Not living your life




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