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Poetry: “Feelings and emotions”

To some emotions might be a nuisance, but to me they are part of who I am.


Feelings and emotions


I swallow disappointment like a bitter pill

Feel it slide right down my throat

Let it burn inside my gut until

All the feeling’s gone


I taste my rejection like a dried up crust

Fell it lodge inside my throat

It sits right there and torments me

Until it finally goes down


I sample my happiness like homemade jam

Taste the sweetness on my tongue

I savor it for minutes long

Until I have to let it go


I feel my excitement all around

How it tingles when I move

I wrap myself around with it

Until it finally dissipates


I carry my sadness like a cloak

Like a rain soaked hoodie shirt

It weights me down so terribly

Until I can cast it right off


All of the feelings

All of them

All the bad ones and the good

I could not give up anything

Without losing parts of me


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