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Poetry: “Warning”

As a tie in to yesterday’s disclaimer poetry, this is something similar.



A warning:

Engaging in creative activities might seriously affect your person

You might find your mind expanded, your soul enlightened and your spirit soaring

You might find yourself up at a late hour, channeling writing, art or flowing poetry

You might find yourself engrossed in conversation with likeminded people discussing the merits and downsides of notebooks, pens, paints, how to make ends meet, to avoid procrastination, keep your focus, keep your love, cursing at your computer, cursing at your internet, disconnecting from your internet when it eats up your time, and most importantly sharing your common love

You might find yourself a different person, seeing the beauty in starlight, sunsets, early mornings, the full moon at night, the flapping of a raven’s wings, the shushing of the waves lapping against the shore, the magic that exists in the world if only you care to look



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