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Poetry Snowball: “Spring”

Another one of my doofy snowball-ish poems.



Spring springing

Spring springing up

Springing up from decay

Decaying leaves melting into soil

Soil which nurtures and coaxes sprouts

Coaxes green sprouts up into gleaming sunshine

Gleaming sunshine welcoming new fresh greenery growing everywhere

New fresh greenery suddenly appearing everywhere tiny flowers unfurling

Tiny flowers unfurling in flower beds, meadows and in forests

All comes back to life, and fills your heart with sunshine

Fills you with sunshine and laughter and fresh new hope

Unless you are one plagued with such horrid allergies

Horrid allergies causing such leaking, itching, and sniffling

Itching, sniffling forcing you to hide inside

Hide inside from the emerging spring

The emerging spring who brightens

But sometimes annoys you

The spring springing

Spring springing



3 thoughts on “Poetry Snowball: “Spring”

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