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Poetry: “Ode to a writer”

After the news reached me of Terry Pratchett’s passing, I knew I had to write something of my feelings for him and his marvelous books.


Ode to a writer


Dark, tall Death with eyes so blue

Has grabbed you by the hand

Though his maker,

It was time

For you to come along


You made a world fantastical

With a turtle in deep space

It made me read,

It made me dream

It stirred my fantasies


So different from the other books

That I had read before

Wizards, witches,

Monsters too

But in a different shape


They made me smile and laugh so hard

Characters that warmed my heart

But then I saw

Beneath their skins

Were seriousness too


In all those stories that you wrote

I saw something of our world

My eyes grew wide

My mind did too

And I loved them even more


So this is my last thank you

Though you’re not longer here

Your stories live

Forever more

In all your readers hearts


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