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Poetry: “Crow and magpie”

More corvid poetry, but they can be very inspirational.


Crow and magpie


Black shape huddled on a branch

Hooded crow has found his perch

Solitary for just now

All his murder’s off to play


Then a magpie doth approach

Covets that most lofty perch

Finds a plan to fool that crow

Make him leave and go away


Chattering for all his kin

Other magpies doth close in

Gathering below that crow

Who only now can see what’s up


Magpie asks for them to jump

Up on top of that one crow

But the others change their minds

Magpies are more selfish birds


So the magpie’s left alone

And the crow looks smugly on

He can keep that high up branch

While sullen magpie bids adieu


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