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Blog post: “Travel diary part 6”

6th and final part.

Gran Canaria3 016


Today mugginess has descended across the valley and I can no longer see the ocean. As if someone wishes for me to be slowly weaned off the lovely weather we had yesterday and this morning. As if the place is slowly saying goodbye.

Either way it leaves me with time to sit and muse on this week.

It is amusing how much walking I have done here, especially considering all the services this hotel has to offer. There is the large pool area, with plenty of sunbeds and a large pool to cool down in, though now that I think on it, I see it as a detriment that only half of the pool, the smaller half of it is heated up to a comfortable 70 Fahrenheit.

There are activities that you can join in on, various sports and exercise programs that are announced in a rather semi-annoying, semi-amusing way during the day and in the evenings there are musicians that amuse and entertain, with different themes every day.

If one wishes one can pay for both breakfast and dinner, buffets that got the passing grade from me, and if one includes the small cafe on the premises that serves sandwiches and fries during the lunch hours, then you need not leave the hotel to eat at all.

Yet, despite all this I just keep on walking, every day.

Well, one simple explanation is that we did not splurge for the full dinner buffet every evening, so we have to venture outside to find some place to eat every day. Other than that I must admit I do not have the proper mindset to join in on those wacky activities they have, I have never been very athletic. The only temptation I felt was for the archery, though I must admit I am very influenced by famous fictional archers and I am certain I would compare poorly to them.

Also, I really do not have the disposition to lounge by the pool all day, every single day, not only because I tend to redden, partially because I probably should reapply sun lotion midday, but also because I am too lazy. So, partially fueled by a fear of skin cancer, partially from simple restlessness I begin to fidget after three or four hours on a sunbed without any breaks. I want to stretch my legs, to see things, to smell the ocean air, some miles away.

Though at this point in the trip, as it nears its end, there is not much new left for me to see. I guess that is normal and it makes the thought of leaving here less upsetting. I have seen most of what this town has to offer this time of year, the mini malls, the corner shops that sell alcohol and chips to vacationers that have a craving, the restaurants with their reverse bouncers, encouraging people quite loudly to come in to their restaurants, the pubs and bars with their extremely generous happy hour prices. Then there’s the architecture of the place, the large areas of bungalows and two story residential houses, the hotels that rise up tall and mighty, the palm trees and cedars. I have seen all of it by now, or that’s what it feels like right now. I have seen much and I am satisfied, though now, with still some hours left I can’t help but feel a little bored.

I might return here someday, when the craving for sun and warmth in the middle of winter hits me again, but for now I am content to head on home.  With a tan and with fairly weary feet.

For I have done quite a lot of walking.

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