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Blog post: “Travel diary part 1”

It feels wrong somehow to label the writing I produced during my trip as a plain blog post, for it is not written as I would normally write a diary entry, but I shall still call it blog, though it has some essayistic and poetic elements to it, here and there. From today and for another couple of days I hope you will enjoy my writings, this is part one.

Gran Canaria 2 002


The day dawned cloudy and overcast but by the time we emerged from the lavish breakfast buffet the clouds had begun to part to let through the charming sun in its full glory.

We had tummies full of breakfast foods, just a sampling of the rich selection of things on offer. It was clear they tried to cater to as many variants of breakfasts as there are nationalities frequenting this establishment. I suppose my parents were a little let down by the lack of yogurt to go with their granola and muesli. As someone who enjoys a bit of routine, but who also likes to vary her food intake to some extent I knew this place would be perfect. Today really was just a sampling, a taste of all that you could eat. There were eggs cooked, served fresh and sunny side up unless you wanted a flipped one, then that could be had too, and if you wanted a freshly made omelet that could be arranged too, filled with a selection of things. This could be paired with all you might want to eat with them. In hindsight I realize that they cannot have too many Americans cause I cannot recall seeing pancakes, the fluffy American version, but that is not such a huge loss when all the rest seems so appetizing and filling.

But for now the sun beckons and there is a pool that has waters heated to an acceptable level and that is where I see myself spending a fair bit of time, or at least until my body deems it too cold. Today will be one of those lazy days I have desired for so long, that I did not fully get this summer back home for the weather was not all that grand on the days that I had off and during the weekends…I was just never in the mood to hop on the bike and head to the nearest lake for swimming. But now, yes, this will be an enjoyable time spent in the watery element, and a I gaze out again at the sky, where there are billowy clouds dancing over the ocean, seen from the balcony, such a sweet sight. I notice that the wind is not as harsh as it was yesterday, which creates a sense of hope that I might hit the beach one of these days, for a bit at least and bathe in the waters of the mighty Atlantic.

For now I feel at peace, though the day has just begun, there are many hours left for disagreements with parents, holed up next door, but I will try to remain optimistic and think of the good things that might happen today. That I might have my long, lazy, leisurely day, first some hours of swimming, then reading my new library book, which promises to be interesting in the sun. No obligations, no must and have tos or anything else to worry about.

And perhaps the day might even be capped off with a splendid dinner at some place without too many creepy people outside, stalking you and forcing the restaurant menus on you.


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