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Poetry: “This is Halloween”

A holiday not celebrated by all, though many people know of it. I care for it enough that I wanted to have some seasonally appropriate poetry up  here!


This is Halloween


As this month comes to an end,

Spooktober called by some I know,

There’s a feast, a festival,

That’s known today as Halloween.


Its roots are old, that’s all we know,

A Christian thing, “All hallows eve”.

A time to remember those who’ve passed,

And to make a mock and challenge death.


Somehow the years has twisted that,

To such a silly, joyous thing.

When you dress up and beg for treats,

And stay up watching horror films.


Candy shaped like skulls and bats,

And food stuffs made from pumpkin’s flesh.

Carve a lantern, make it great,

Then make your house a spooky den.


Commercialized like many things,

This Halloween is here to stay.

And the best part it happens when,

The candy goes on up for sale.


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