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Poetry: “Man and nature”

And now I get serious again, more environmentalism poetry for you.


Man and nature


I have this fear within my breast

That modern man’s forgot

That he and nature is a team

Who cannot live apart


Oh it is easy to forget

If you’re an urban man

All buildings that surround you

And your food comes from a can


But nature isn’t table dressing,

It’s really not for show

So we should take in what we have

And don’t spoil is for our kids


When you walk through a forest

Do not think of what it is worth

Just let the place inspire you

Let the air there take you back


When you are rambling through a field

Please take note of who lives there

It’s the home of other things

Not just a place to leave your waste


And the streams and lakes and sea

They’re a vital thing for all

You are a guest within that blue

So please don’t strip it bare


Our world would be much better

If we recalled where we came from

And lived in tune with mother earth

Without tearing it apart


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