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Poetry: “Gaming identity”

I suppose one could call this my commentary, or…my feelings on gaming and certain gamers in the light of GamerGate.


Gaming identity


I am not a gamer,

I don’t think I fit the mold.

I don’t own a fancy console,

And my laptop’s four years old.


I only have some few games

That I purchased off of Steam.

And yes, I do have Minecraft,

But who doesn’t own that one?


I only have some portables,

Like my brand new 3DS XL.

You know it’s only kids who own,

And play Nintendo games.


I am not dedicated,

To the games that I do own.

Why I only spend the evening,

In Animal Crossing catching fish.


I might have tried some RPGs,

But that doesn’t mean a thing,

Not even all the fanart,

Games inspired me to draw.


No, I am not a gamer,

I just like to play some games.

And discussing them with all my friends,

Male or female, gay or straight.


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