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Poetry: “Writing hierarchy”

A topic I have dwelled on for some time, decided to answer it for myself through poetry.


Writing hierarchy


Everyone’s a writer

At least that’s what they say

That we’re all writing novels

Kept safe in our heads


But there are many writers

Of many different kinds

Not just in how they are

But in the things they write


The first is the traditional

The one who’s writing books

Stories that are long and short

And gets the highest praise


Then there are the poets

The ones who get eye-rolls

If you’re not famous then you are

Just an emo teenage girl


There’s also the reporters

Those who are journalists

Mostly writing what they see

The injustices they see


But in this much more modern world

There are other writers too

The comic writers on the web

And there’s all the bloggers too


All of these are writers

Because they all write words

They shape words into pretty things

And share them with the world


Okay it can be argued

That there’s good writing and bad

And not all writers doth produce

Something really worth its salt


But that they all are writers

That is a given fact

Because the definition:

To be a writer is to write



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