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Poetry: “Fall delight”

A playful poem for this late October Saturday.


Fall delight


Pretty leaves


All there in a pile

Gathered up

By the wind

Or by human hand

How rude

Would it be

If I disturbed that

I should leave it be

Keep on walking here


But my gaze is drawn

Drawn towards that pile

Pile of pretty leaves

Oh so colorful

All the times I spent

When I was a child

Running through those piles

Such a fall delight


Why should I robbed

Oh that simple joy

The sound of crunching leaves

As I kick them all

So I’m handing in

My adult license

Running headfirst to

Full speed to that pile

Watch the leaves fly high

Hear that crunching sound

All those pretty leaves

Flying though the air


Oh, I made a mess

Look how people stare

But I hardly care

As I walk home content


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