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Poetry: “Groups of crows”

Speaking of nature things I love, the crow family. Here I focus on some select members of it.


Groups of crows


Group of rooks,

Coming by

Called a building,

If you want

Nest together,


Made a name for us to use

Problem solvers

Like most crows

Do not think that they are dumb


See the jackdaws,

Friend of rooks

With their group,

That’s called a train

Swirling, whirling,

Through the sky

Watch their piercing,

Sharp, blue eyes

Live forever,

In that group,

Strict social hierarchy


Black and white,

Magpie bird,

A tiding’s called,

When they’re a group

They have passed,

That mirror test,

With only the smartest beasts

Hear them chatter,

Hear them tease,

Thieving birds,

So lock your doors


Oh the crow,

The archetype,

He who names the family

Mostly black,

Sometimes with grey,

The group is called,

A murder, yes

Not the biggest,

Not by far,

But his brain will never fail


See the ravens,


As a group,

Unkindness called

Very heavy,

Beak so sharp

Lives in legends,

In our tales,

Hear his call,

Up in that tree,

Perhaps he’s calling for his mate



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