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Poetry: “First fall storm”

And speaking of fall…We’ve already had our first fall storm, what about you?


First fall storm


Suddenly it changes

Chill is in the air

Rain it patters

Pit pit patters

Against the window pane


Rough winds blowing

Blowing from the north

They pull and tug

Tear and grab

At the branches of the trees


Leaves yet so verdant

Still clinging to the trees

The winds they grab

They grab and tear

They tear them all away


Water coming sideways

Pouring from the sky

It lets up then

But then starts up

No time yet to relax


Fall has finally arrived

She came in with a bang

The bang of thunder

Lighting too

As she pushed summer away


Batten down the hatches

Make sure all is secured

For this storm

This first fall storm

It is surely not the last



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