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Poetry: “Convention memories”

Recalling things of a nerdier nature.


Convention memories


I recall my first convention

That gathering of geeks

Of people who were much like me

Who all liked the same thing


I was very young then,

No even legal yet

But it was an adventure

I could not well pass up


There were dealer tables,

To purchase what you liked

I saw so many things for sale

I’d never seen before


Then all the fan expressions

They were all on display

Not just costumes, but art as well

And custom built toys too.


There is something special

About lunch time at a con

Where all your friends are gathered

And take up the whole joint


I recall all those stories

That we told each other there

Of cons past and present

And all the fun we had


Meeting up in panels

Or in the video rooms

Or just hanging out somewhere

And fiddling with our finds


For many years the cons were

My greatest, biggest thing.

The thing that I looked forward to

And saved up the whole year


But now I am much older

And my friends are older too

I have not visited a con

For over seven years


Though I’m not sure if I still fit

I still miss those events

That time to be a super nerd

And rub elbows with the rest



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