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Poetry: “Seasonal mind”

Likening the mental state with its ups and downs, concerns and anxieties to seasons? Yup.


Seasonal mind


Deep inside my very self

Fall has taken hold

The chilly winds and gloomy mist

Descends upon my mind


The world begins to darken

As rain begins to fall

Soaking through my heart and soul

And freezes me inside


Though in this chilly bleakness

There’s still some color left

When fall departs and winter comes

Even the color fades


When the winter has its hold

Upon me, things are bad

My inner self is made of ice

And barely feels a thing


Walking like a zombie

From some creepy horror flick

The frost and ice sinks into me

And my soul it hibernates


Then finally after some time

The chill begins to fade

And feeble warmth begins its work

To thaw me out inside


The touch of spring rejuvenates

It lets the color back

Not much of first, that much is true

And there can be setbacks


The ice turns into water flows

My soul it slowly wakes

Stretching out in that warm light

That’s growing stronger still


All smells and sounds return to me

And the warmth it wraps me up

The healing touch of spring it leaves

And lets the summer in


Now all is well inside my mind

There is warmth and light and joy

I roll around inside it

Happiness and peace of mind


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