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Poetry: “Second chances”

A poem dedicated to those loving and tireless people, the animal lovers who rescue and shelter pets in need and make sure they find a new “furrever home”, and to the families who realize they have room in their lives for such a pet. My cat and others like her thank you.


Second chances


They picked me up when I was small

My paws were oh so soft

The children carried me everywhere

And fed me from their plates


The days were warm and sunny

They let me out to play

The children also played with me

Oh all the fun we had


Then as I grew bigger

The winds grew cold as well

The family I’d lived with

They packed up all their things


They took all things and put them

Inside their metal beast

All things but me, they left me

The children wept and cried


The house I lived was empty

There was no food for me

And no shelter was offered me

When the rains began to fall


I tried to find food where I could

Though it was awfully hard

There were much bigger animals

Who all chased me away


Then when I grew tired

And cold and wet and sick

A lady there appeared to me

And put me in a box


I was put in a warm place

Where there was food as well

And though the place was scary

I knew that I had been saved


Then one day a family

Appeared before my cage

They smiled at me and told me then

“You’re coming home with us.”


Now I live in another house

With food and treats and love

Though things started off bad for me

I now have a better life.


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