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Poetry: “Oh, vacation”

A poem about vacation as my own vacation comes to an end.


Oh, vacation


Vacation time

Hip hurrah

Freedom beckons

Work goodbye

Let us pack away our things

Close the door

Lunchbox there

Take a deep breath, let it out.

No more thinking stressful thoughts


Home is where the heart is now

Not a saying

It’s the truth

Alarm clock it has been shut off

Sleep in is what you’ll now do

Lay down there

On the couch

Plan those days that lay ahead


Then you start to think real hard

How much money do you have?

Can you travel?

How about this?

Movie tickets cost so much.

Head off to the store at least

Buy yourself a steak or two.

Check the library opening times

That is free

You can do that


Be a tourist in your town

Find museums here and there

Some are free

And some are cheap

Hey an education, neat

Dust of ye old bicycle

Gas is much too pricey now

Ride around and see the sights

Think not of your bank account

Have an ice cream

It’s okay

Treat yourself

Vacation time!


Finally it all winds down

Days run out

The money too

Work it beckons

Though you fret

Recall then the fun you had

Might not have done all you wished

Extravagant things out of reach

All that matters in the end

Is that your mind is rested up


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