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Poetry: “Exploring man”

Exploring a certain aspect of us humans…Exploration.


Exploring man


Mankind has been drawn to

Those thing that are unknown

Wherever no one’s set a foot

It’s there we want to be


From our humble beginnings,

When we spread across the globe

To modern day humanity

Who longs to be in space


We’ve searched out every corner,

Or at least we’ve tried

To map out every speck of this,

Our planet where we live


Races to the poles we’ve had,

And climbing mountains high,

Then diving into oceans deep,

Just to see what we can find.


Now that most of our world,

Can be looked up on some map,

Perhaps we’re growing restless,

And that’s why we fight so much?


The only thing that’s left for us,

Is to turn our eyes to space,

But that costs lots of money,

Which now warfare steals away.


It does seem more productive,

To for once cooperate,

And map out what unknown remains,

Feed that urge inside us all.


If we all stop fighting,

Over this and that and thus.

And then pool our resources,

Who knows what we could do?


Perhaps that science fiction,

Won’t be fiction for so long.

And then the vast dark outer space,

Will be that last frontier.


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