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Poetry: “An idea of Australia”

More musing on the ideas your can get of a place, some perhaps not entirely accurate.


An idea of Australia


Australia’s filled with poison,

At least that’s what I heard.

All the creatures of the land,

They can and will kill you.


Killer crocs and nasty sharks,

They lurk where water is.

In your home you can find snakes,

And quite a few arachnids too.


Even a happy picnic,

Is a perilous affair.

For even all the picnic ants,

Have poison in their jaws.


And if you dare to take a swim,

Despite of all the sharks.

There’s also other stinging, biting things,

Jellyfish and stingrays too.


The people there they are quite brave,

Outdoors people wearing shirts.

They cook their meat inside their cars,

As they traverse their vast lands.


Right there in the middle,

Is vast plains of sand and rocks.

Where only kangaroos reside,

Perhaps some Aborigines too.


There is only this one tiny spot,

That seems like a paradise.

The rain forest up in the north,

Perhaps up there I might go.


Down under is a scary place,

Even getting in in hard.

If you forgot even a tiny seed,

They might fine you quite a lot.


Aussie’s filled with poison,

At least that’s what I heard.

But still I’d like to go someday,

To that scary, magic land.



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