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Poetry: “My life transformed”

A more lighthearted poem of a personal nature today.


My life transformed


I’ve lived a long and nerdy life,

Drawn to most nerdy things.

Yet none of them has stayed as long,

As those that hail from Cybertron.


Transforming robots,

That could think and feel and touch.

Somehow this crazy toy line,

It transformed so many lives.


Outcast became drawn to,

The fiction that was weaved,

Around that business decision,

To snatch toylines from Japan.


I watched the show on cable,

I read comics that weren’t mine.

And the day that I found internet,

I found other fans online.


I ate up all the fanfic,

That others had put up.

And then I found the forums,

Were I could communicate.


Forums then to chat rooms,

Where I found many friends.

They all became a family,

In a most trying time.


Eventually I met them,

At conventions and elsewhere.

I felt a bond between us,

Thanks to robots that transformed.


So many years has passed since then,

The toyline has itself transformed.

There are some flashy movies,

And some comics excellent.


And some of those I knew then,

They have fallen out of touch.

But I find the most important ones,

They are still all there.


Through the years they’ve helped me,

Though some live far away.

I kept myself in motion,

As those robots we adore.


As I read Transformers comics,

As I hunger for new toys.

I think on them with gratitude,

Through them my own life’s transformed.


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