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Poetry: “Magazine moment”

A reflection on the racks of magazines you might find in any store.


Magazine moment


Open those glossy pages in the stand by the register

Images of happy people posing showing off,

Asking you

Don’t you want to be like us?

Don’t you want to smile like us?

In our picture perfect life


Buy a magazine

Buy a lifestyle

An ideal

For you


Cooking magazine where everything looks delicious

You are assured that you can do it

You can make this

Just get the right ingredients

The right stuff you need to have

What you need to always have in your pantry, in your fridge, in your freezer

If you want to be like everyone else that buys this magazine

That wants what the magazine contains


Fashion spread with girls wearing the latest trends

Slender legs not a single hair to be seen

No bad hair day ever, make up perfect, smiling

Everything fits, no bumps or creates, pouches, cellulite to be seen

Back drop every European city you have ever wanted to visit

Some better American places too, Manhattan and the beaches of California

Buy that dress, get those shoes and maybe, maybe…

When you walk down the street you will feel as great as those girls


Home life style couch that no one has eaten any dinners on

Walls covered in tasteful art, decorations

Behind the family living there happily in this perfect

Perfect home

All clean lines and fresh wallpaper

All hardwood floors and bathroom that no one has ever bathed in

The kids room photo has toys strewn on the floor

In a perfect pattern, children smiling

The picture of happiness


Buy a magazine

Buy those smiles, the perfect family dinners, the perfect living room, the perfect suit for work, the best dress for the vacation you can never afford if you buy all those things because that image costs a lot of money

They never tell you that part


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