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Poetry: “Second chances”

Something vaguely inspired by the movie “Begin Again”.


Second chances


Starting over, begin again

Don’t give up, just try again.

It never is too late in life,

To give something another try.


Even when it seems like,

You’ve fallen quite too far.

Look for some helping hand up there,

To pull you right back up.


Dreams don’t need to be just that,

A fancy in your mind.

You don’t know if they can work out,

Before you really try.


If you are alone right now,

There’s still a chance for love.

For friendship and companionship,

Go search for it right now.


If your career is not the place,

You fancied you would be.

Then see if there is not some way,

You could find a better job.


If you had to leave school,

Much earlier than you’d like.

There are still evening classes,

If you find the time to spare.


It can be hard, I don’t deny.

I feel that same as you.

But while there’s still hope for a change,

You have to take that chance.


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