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Poetry: “Breakfast”

So, hey, lets start off this week with a poem about the first meal of the day!




Breakfast of champions

And ordinary people

First meal of the day

After a long sleep


Eaten at 4 am,

Before the baker heads off to his bread.

Or at noon,

When the late night writer rolls out of bed.


Some have nothing but coffee

And perhaps a cigarette

A stereotype propagated

By Hollywood movies

And dreary novels


A breakfast can be many things

Though the fast food chains

Have some opinion on that

You may have pancakes,

Bacon, toast and eggs

Cereal in a bowl

Or some oatmeal, piping hot


It can be a sandwich,

Eaten with coffee black as pitch.

It can be a fry up,

Washed down with lots of tea.


Some prefer to sleep in

Rush into the shower,

Then out into the street

On an empty stomach.

Some might say that is bad for you

At least it means

You have no energy

When your day begins


A breakfast is simply this

The breaking of the fast

That is your sleep

Or whatever you did during the night


Whether you’re a night owl,

Or up with the sunrise.

Some breakfast will be just the thing,

To start your day off right.


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